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Visiting Salem, Massachusetts

On our way home from Maine, we just had to stop at Salem, Massachusetts. We had all always wanted to go, and we were making good timing on the way home anyway. Our goal was to make a few stops in Massachusetts, but we ran into a few snafus.

Salem traveling the wayward vixen graveyard

Finding parking in Salem is a nightmare. The first spot we found seemed safe at first, until we got out of the car, walked a few feet and saw a sign restricting parking. After being a little annoyed that the sign wasn’t clearly placed and having to move the car several blocks away, we finally started exploring Salem.

The first stop for us was, of course, the graveyard and memorial site for those whom were hung during the Witch Trials.

Salem witch trials memorial bridget bishop the wayward vixen

We spent the majority of our time in Salem here. But, we decided we wanted to buy into the tourism and we sought out “The Witch House” (the Jonathan Corwin House). At this point in our trip we were running very low on funds and spending $18 per person to walk around an old house seemed a bit too steep for us. So we passed on the tour.

We wanted to hit up a few of the occult shops, but we couldn’t find any that were still open and within walking distance. So, we went around looking for a good seafood meal. The one thing we were missing in Maine was a delicious lobster meal.

We were informed that we were misguided to think that you can find a good lobster, it was in fact Massachusetts that had a claim to fame with seafood. We found plenty of restaurants (most of which looked delicious), but they were just way too out of our price range. So we didn’t actually eat in Salem.

Salem the wayward vixen memorial cemetary

Even though we were limited by our spending and closing times, we had a lot of fun in Salem. We would all love to go back one day when we have more time and money. The town itself was absolutely lovely and the weather was perfect. We just wish we could have given Salem the time it deserves.

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