I attended college with the drive to get my doctorate in Biological Anthropology with a minor in Botany or Osteology (I’m indecisive). Unfortunately, due to a medical emergency and a series of really shitty events, I lost my ability to continue my college education and began to rely on my photography skills to get by. In 2015 I created Foxx Tea; a website dedicated to photography and blogging which featured interviews with the models I worked with and explored their thoughts and feelings on various social topics. I became the Director of Photography at a popular location in downtown Cleveland, Ohio shortly after. Since then, I have worked as a freelance photographer.

Over the years I have dabbled in collecting oddities, memento mori, and other curiosities. Finally, along with my boyfriend Anthony Eerie, we have taken the plunge into creating our own works of art and education. While currently skeletal articulation is our main focus, we hope to branch out more in the future and continue our journey learning more about these crafts. We have been very lucky to have begun learning not just from trial and error, but also with the help of other artisans who’s kindness and wisdom will be forever cherished.