7 trends to leave behind flatlay fashion

7 Fashion Trends We Should Leave Behind

7 trends to leave behind flatlay fashion

People have been asking me for awhile to do more fashion related posts, I’m a little sad that my first fashion entry here is going to be a bit negative but looking at the growing trends lately just makes me want to curl in a ball and cry. Let’s just agree that every era has something horrible about their fashion that ought to be left behind. . .So why does it seem like 2018 and moving into 2019 like designers and marketers are trying to bring back the worst of the worst from our past? While I love historic fashion and definitely strive to bring back some of that to the modern times, here’s 7 emerging fashion trends that I think we should leave behind.

wide shoulder pads loud print jacket
Image found via Just 80’s Fashion Archive


Wide Shoulders

Even in the 80’s having the linebacker shoulders on women’s clothing was a bit of a joke. My mother used to tell me about how annoying it was trying to buy a nice jacket or suit and she would always have to cut out the shoulder pads. Even into the early 90’s this was an issue. This just makes for a rather awkward silhouette on a woman and can make bustier women look more heavy set than they really are. Sure, adding shoulder pads to the right dress or jacket on a very slender woman can give her the illusion of a fuller figure, but this is very circumstantial and should only be used for special occasions.

Please don’t make me have to cut out and throw away more shoulder pads from clothing. . .it’s a waste of resources and my time. The only place I want padding is in my bra.

black fringe sweater bat wing
Image found via WhereToGetIt


Back in the 80’s and 90’s my mother had this black suede jacket with fringe running down the under side of the arms that she just loved. During that time, it was seen as a coat that a badass would wear and had that cowboy feel to it. . .Looking at it now I realize it’s an ugly mess of heavy leather and unnecessary waste. This trend didn’t seem to survive very long though but it’s coming back with an ugly twist. While sitting in a coffee shop a girl walked in wearing a cropped silver sweater, which was fine for what it was, until we realized it had cheap metal chain fringe running along the length of the under side of the sleeves. I shuddered as I watched the cheap little links getting caught on the sides of her knitted sweater. When she would reach over the counter to grab her coffee I anticipated that hideous fringe to knock over one of the signs near the cookies (it did).

There’s only one place adding fringe to an item makes sense and that’s on a scarf. Scarves have fringe on the bottom which is designed to help them to dry faster, allowing the water to drip off the ends easily. Adding fringe to your Gap cardigan is not going to be functional, attractive, or practical in any way. It’s a menace and a good way for your cat to destroy your wardrobe.

Image found via Zmori Black Platform Chunky Boots

Chunky Shoes

The Spice Girls might have liked their big heels with thick blocks of rubber on their feet, but this is a trend that I just cannot stand. I cannot see why anyone would want their feet to look bigger and be heavier. I remember in middle school when these style of shoes were popular, I used to giggle when girls would trip a little or their shoes would skid over the floor because walking with these blocks on your feet was unnatural and difficult.

These chunky shoes, especially if they are boots, tend to make you look shorter and more stout even if you’re actually rather tall. It just adds unnecessary weight to the bottom of your frame and offers no benefits in return. I’ve seen companies try to advertise these styles as a way to make you look like a rebel, but I can assure you that you’re not out running any cops or climbing any fences with that brick on your feet.

large floral print outfit bad fashion
Image found via Pintrest

Large Floral Print

Alright, this is one of those trends which doesn’t need to completely go away, but we do need to tread with care. Remember in the 90’s when companies thought mixing large floral print with polka dots was cute? Well it’s back. Instead of looking sweet and feminine these prints are just looking more manic and busy. To make matters worse, I’m seeing a lot more of these prints being used to bright or neon colours (who let neon come back anyway!?) which makes these clothes distracting and difficult to match with.

Personally, I find anything with a dramatic print to be a marketing ploy on behalf of greedy companies who want to continue to perpetuate the low standards of throw-away-fashion. They know you want to keep up with the latest trends, the know you think that dress is cute, they know┬á you’ll buy it now then hate it in a couple months when the style is no longer relevant, and they know you’ll go out looking for the next new trend after that.

Floral prints can be stunning and very elegant when done right, but as with most patterned fabrics on everyday wear: less is more.

street style logo sweater
Photo via Imaxtree

Logos and Large Graphics

Okay, this isn’t a new trend and frankly, I’m not sure why we ever thought it to be socially acceptable to do this to ourselves. You are not a billboard. You are not being paid to advertise for any company, in fact you are paying to wear their clothing. The graphic t-shirt and hoodies are not what I’m calling into question here since I think we can all agree that is basic casual wear at this point and we often buy those things that support things we love (bands and etc). But why does your knitted sweater need to have a giant logo across the chest? Why do I struggle to find a top that doesn’t have some obnoxious phrase about good vibes, being a bitch, or how fabulous I am? (And by the way, if you have to wear a shirt telling people you’re fabulous then you’re not fabulous.)

The printed graphics and logos have gotten completely out of hand. At this point, I think companies need to start paying us to wear their logos. It’s completely insane that we literally walk around doing free marketing for the companies we shop with while they reap all the profits. What’s in it for you? Throw away fashion and a poorly made sweater that won’t survive the year.

layering fashion 2018 too much
Image found via Glowsly

Over Layering

I’m not even going to pretend like I don’t love layering the hell out of my clothing! On Halloween I had 3 layers of clothing going on to create my look and I’m still getting compliments from that outfit. However, there’s a line between layering your clothing to create a look and just looking like a homeless person during a rough winter. The new layering trends going on seems to be making it their goal to eliminate any shape or form your body has and just covering it in a blob of clothing which restricts all movement.

Trust me, I get cold really really easily too and I’ll be damned if anyone thinks they are taking my blanket scarf from me! But this is where I feel that shopping smarter comes into play. As I post more about fashion you will see my contempt for the modern fashion industry is quite strong, but just because we’re stuck between companies who are silently rooting for our clothes to fall apart and over priced designs we’re too afraid to actually wear, it doesn’t mean that you can’t buy quality products which add value to your life instead of buying a larger quantity of products and forcing them to function.

Thief and Bandit empire waist babydoll dress
Image and dress found via Thief and Bandit

Empire Waist Baby Doll Dresses

Oh yes, I’m getting very specific here. The 90’s gave us the baby doll dress; a short, flowy garment with a feminine silhouette with a child-like cut and finish. Everyone loved these dresses because they are very comfortable to wear and can be worn in a variety of styles to give you a sweet, innocent look or a grungy, rocker look with the right accessories. The only issue with the baby doll dress itself is that it often has a very short hemline which borders on being a mini dress. When you combine that with an empire waistline you have a dress that not only makes the wearer look chubby and short, but you are also pulling in more of that Lolita feeling. This look worked for Shirley Temple as a child, but on an adult woman it’s a little disturbing and very unflattering.

I’ve said it a million times in my life: empire waistlines don’t flatter anyone. They can make a busty woman look very uncomfortable and smashes her chest, and it makes less endowed women look flat and boyish. Furthermore, it adds pleats and gathers just above the stomach which will make a woman of any size or shape look pregnant or chubby. I love the baby doll dress. . .I really do! Just please stop adding an empire waist to it. Let it flow naturally around the body, give it a natural waist and perhaps some princess seams then you’ve got a wonderful, comfortable garment!



Now that I’ve been negative, I wanted to add a positive trend I’ve seen emerging in the fall of 2018 that I am head over heals for!

2018 cape fashion gothic dior
Image found via Vogue UK

Capes and Cloaks

Sweet, merciful fashion gods, bless you! We’ve never really left the cape behind in fashion it just became less and less common and even evolved into more practical garments (the hoodie anyone?). Capes and cloaks have been a staple in human clothing for so long and they are just wonderful to have. Because they are easy to construct, they can be made of just about any material you can think of allowing you to create one for just about any occasion. As of the past month or so I’ve seen more people sporting heavier cloaks in lieu of bulky coats and jackets. Ponchos and wraps are being pushed aside for the long, flowing elegance of the cloak and I couldn’t be happier!

For years my friends and I have talked about how nice it would be if it were socially acceptable to dress like we crawled out of Game of Thrones during the winter times since our Northern winters can be quite brutal at times. I’m glad to say that it is finally socially acceptable! Capes and cloaks allow you to really express yourself with your fashion because of their simplicity. The variety of patterns, designs, and creative freedom you have over them is liberating. This is one trend that I hope sticks around for a long time. I would love to see designers really embrace this and show off the fabrics and techniques they are using and capable of.

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