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11 Things to do Alone : Solo Adventures

Sometimes, being alone can really suck. Of course the majority of us would rather do things with friends, family, or a significant other instead of by ourselves, but as the saying goes: if you wait for someone else to join you, you’re never going to go. It can feel a little awkward doing things by yourself but it doesn’t have to. I’m going to give you 11 things to do alone to kick start a solo adventure.

Adventures don’t have to be a grand escape to some strange new land, you can find adventure right in your home town. We tend to take the places we live for granted and forget that they have so much to offer, if you just look.

Think Like A Tourist

You’ve probably heard (or even said it yourself) that you don’t think of going somewhere or seeing something until someone comes to visit you from out of town. Why not? Start thinking of some major attractions around you. Have you ever been to any of them? Did you have fun when you went there? Are they hosting any special events that sound interesting to you? Many bigger attractions tend to host parties, themed events, and classes to help add interest to the local community. But you don’t just have to limit yourself to museums, zoos, or other points of interest either.

Explore your city as if you’ve never been there before. Take roads you don’t normally follow. Try a new restaurant that you might have overlooked. Check out that new park they just built. Keep an open mind and allow yourself to appreciate the beauty of the area you live in. Take it from tourists; sometimes the best things are right in front of you.

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Go For A Hike – No Matter the Weather

Okay, I hear you groaning. Hiking isn’t for everyone and now I’m encouraging you to go out on a day that isn’t sunny and around 75 degrees (F)? Yep! Of course, I am going to give you this tip with the qualifier that you should also be safe and never do anything that could put yourself in danger. However, don’t let the weather be your excuse for not going out and doing something. I can say with full confidence that some of my best hikes have been when it was raining out or when we had a blizzard. Everyone goes on hikes and walks when it’s beautiful outside, it makes sense. But allow yourself to see your area with a new backdrop.

Maybe find a hiking trail you’ve never been to, take that hike on a nice day then go again when it’s rainy or snowing, or windy. Explore the trails during different times of the year too. Nature changes with the seasons and offers very different experiences during each time, see what changes in your area. Don’t be afraid to get a little muddy or wet. Dress appropriately and make sure to bring a blanket, change of clothes, or other emergency back up times just in case (you can put these items in a backpack or leave them in your car if you drove to the┬á hiking trail). Be safe, but do get a new perspective on something you might have seen.

Check Out Locally Top Rated Businesses

Do you know where to find the best slice of pizza in your town is?

We all have something small we enjoy, from a cup of coffee to antiques, why not try to find the absolute best place in your area for that little guilty pleasure of yours? Try to find the best Chinese restaurant or check out a top rated boutique that offers something unique to its clients. This can not only be an adventure in itself, but you will also be helping to support small businesses to help your local economy.

Mini Roadtrips

This is one of my favorite things to do! A road trip doesn’t always have to comprise of driving out of your state or going more than 2 hours away. Most people don’t drive more than an hour from their home on the average day. Find a place on the map near by and go explore it! Even if it seems like it might be boring or have little to offer, you never know exactly what you might find until you go. Even if you take a road trip just for a quick cup of coffee, you might end up meeting someone who makes you smile or have one of the best drinks you’ve ever had. . .or even the worse (either way it’s still a life experience right?). But, if you’re feeling really adventurous this next tip is perfect for you:

roadtrip road trip things to do alone solo adventure

Get Lost

Getting intentionally lost was a game I used to play with my mother back when I was a kid and gas was still very cheap. We didn’t have much money, but we did have a full tank of gas and an entire country to explore (or at least as far as we could go in one day so that she could be home in time for work the next day). Through this method we’ve found so many obscure little places which we still visit to this very day. We still go to a pumpkin farm during the autumn season in the middle of nowhere that’s 2 hours from home. Also, thanks to this little game, I’ve also found that I’m able to find my way back home if I’m ever lost or forced to take an unexpected detour (which has come in handy a couple of times).

If you do choose to partake in this activity, do make sure that you have a way to get back. Make sure if your phone has a GPS on it to keep your phone with you, or bring a separate GPS device, and always be sure your electronics are charged. Have a backup phone in case of an emergency and always have water and snacks on hand. Not everywhere has the same landscapes and not every location is easy to access. If you live in a climate with extreme weather changes, make sure you have the proper supplies in the event something were to happen. Accidents happen when you least expect them, be prepared and be smart.

Take Yourself On A Date

Let me just start this one off by saying that you don’t need someone to go have a good time. I love taking myself out on date because I really know how to treat myself! Take yourself to dinner and a movie, go to a spa day, or explore a museum, or even take yourself lingerie shopping. Do something you love to do. Treat yourself the way you want to be treated. Got some concert tickets? Go stag! Embrace your independence and learn to love the time you spend with yourself.

This is also a great way to meet new people with similar interests. Make new friends (or even find a new lover) by simply striking up a conversation with someone. Be open to other people approaching you to talk to. I have successfully made new friends this way and also have fun stories to tell of strangers I’ve spoken to. You’ve already got something in common since you both chose to be in the same place, start there and just be yourself.

instagram things to do alone solo adventure

Think Like an Instagrammer

Instagram savvy people keep their eyes peeled for interesting locations in the most mundane of places. Viewing each area through rose coloured glasses and seeking out little nuggets of inspiration. Your hometown might boast some very popular Instagram worthy areas. Search the hashtags for the name of your city, state, county, providence, or the area in which you are interested in exploring. Within a few moments you will be given images of beautiful locations or interesting sights which you can go explore.

If you’re a shutter-bug, grab your camera and try to take a many Instagram worthy photos as you can! Find some new and unique spots to snap some pictures. Don’t be afraid to take selfies either, it’s 2018 and we’ve been taking selfies for many years now. No one is judging you. You can also ask people passing by if they would mind helping you take a picture too, most people will be happy to help.

Push Your Boundaries

We’re all creatures of habit and we tend to stick to things we know we like so that we don’t feel really disappointed. It’s cozy and comfortable in our little bubbles, but it’s not very adventurous or fun. Pushing your boundaries can be as small as going to your favorite restaurant and ordering anything on the menu except your usual items (try something new); or it can be as big as signing up for sky diving. If you have a hobby you particularly like, try learning a new technique even if you don’t think it will help you in your every day practice with this hobby. Do something that makes you just a little uncomfortable. Do something you’ve always wanted to try but might have been a little too shy or nervous to do alone. It’s time to stop waiting for other people to come along and help you live your life.

Find Something Unique About Your Area

Does your area boast the world’s largest something? Or maybe it’s known for a specific cuisine. Or maybe you have a special animal famous in your local area. Pretty much everywhere has something special about them. Go online and give a quick search to unique things in your area. I find it’s best to be a bit more broad about this search since it will open up more options to to you to pick from. Even if that something doesn’t seem very interesting, go do it anyway! It’s all about the journey not the destination. It’s about getting out there and being able to say you did it, you went there, you participated and you saw things with a fresh perspective.

Just GO!

Being adventurous is all about saying no less and saying yes more often. It doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you do it. We all struggle with our own stresses, anxieties, and other bad feelings but we shouldn’t let those feelings control our lives. It’s important to learn to enjoy your time alone in anyway possible. This is the only life you have, embrace it. Do something that might make you happy today. Have an adventure!

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Bonus Tip: Bring Your Dog (or trained pet)!

If you really are that uncomfortable being alone and you have a dog (or a pet that you can safely take outside) bring them along with you. They would love the company and exercise. If you do choose to bring your pet with you, be sure that where you are going allows animals.


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