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Why Love Spells Don’t Work

Love is the world’s greatest epic. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that many new witches tend to make love spells one of their first acts of magick. Even those who do not practice magick are very likely to seek out the help of a witch when they are in need of a little love in their life. But there’s a problem with this sort of magic; love spells don’t work and the ones that do will not give the results you are probably expecting.

Love itself is a powerful magick that can boost your practice and intentions, but conjuring feelings of love in someone else doesn’t always end the way we hope it to. You have probably seen the movies and television shows of witches casting love spells upon someone only to realize that their love is actually a dangerous obsession. This sort of reaction is far less probable than the truth; your spell probably won’t even work.

why love spells don't work couple holding hands

The Rules Of Attraction

You’ve probably heard of the notion of the so called laws of attraction and being a witch you are also likely aware that magick is all about manifesting the things you wish to attract in your life. However, there’s some rules to this. If every witch that wanted a million dollars to appear on their doorstep suddenly got their wish without any work or effort I doubt anyone would be less than a millionaire. This is true for everything in life. You can’t attract what you don’t work for.

Your love spell on that handsome, muscular, dream boat that jogs past your house everyday isn’t going to magically fall for you just because you stayed inside, lit some candles, and said a chant. As with all spells, you must be proactive with the energy you have sent out into the universe. If you want that hottie you’re going to have to get out there and do some jogging of your own!

Maybe They’re Just Not Into You

Tough pill to swallow here, but you can’t change the way someone feels or thinks. Trust me, I’ve dated people I wasn’t actually attracted to because I loved their personalities, but it never changed the fact that I just wasn’t that into them. I had to realize, too late, that you can’t force yourself (or anyone) to want something they don’t actually want. You can fake it or try to look past it for a little while, but in the end it’s going to fail.

If you’re trying to make someone fall for you and you don’t share a mutual attraction naturally, you’re just attempting to create an illusion that will only lead to even more heartbreak. Even if you manage to cast a spell that enamors them you will probably find that love or affection to be hollow and superficial or otherwise unfulfilling.

Lust Takes Seconds, Love Takes Time

Some studies claim that within the first 4 months, or so, of being with someone new you are not actually experiencing love but merely an increased rush of neurochemicals and hormones which give you elated feelings. Everything is great when its new! That new car, the new jeans, the new job, and of course the new love. . .It all seems so amazing because it’s fresh and exciting and there’s so much to do and learn. It’s easy to get caught up in those feelings and mistake them for something deeper. Desire for another person can be created in just moments. A first time meeting can go from an awkward first date to a racing heartbeat with nothing more than a gentle touch of the hand. Someone you’ve known for years can go from a casual friend to something more with a kiss. But without time and effort it will not be love.

Love develops slowly and carefully. Love is the choice to stay together when things get rough because of the myriad of positive feelings that have grown over time. You cannot rush love. The problem with trying to snap your fingers and demanding a Disney ending is that those stories all end where the romance begins. They don’t tell the tales of what happened after the wedding when the country girl had to learn proper etiquette and affairs of state to maintain her new found position as a princess or queen. They don’t show what happened the first time the lovers got into a fight and someone broke a glass in anger. These tales only focus on the budding romance and the lust for one another which usually takes place in a rather short period of time.

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You Don’t Have Enough Self Love

To cast a spell that involves emotions you have to be able to conjure those emotions within yourself first, before you can project them onto others. When anyone has come to me asking for love spells or advice on casting them I always ask them why is it so important to you that this person loves you? Sadly, it’s usually a selfish answer laced with a lot of self defeating undertones.

I get it, we all want someone to love and who loves us back, but first it’s important to realize that you have love with or without someone sleeping next to you. Self care and love must come before all things. If you’re not in your best frame of mind or taking care of yourself (mind, body, and spirit) than your magick, not just for love spells either, isn’t going to be as powerful. You possess the power to bring positive things into your life, and forcing a connection to another person is not a healthy choice. If you feel compelled to cast a love spell on someone else, first try casting one upon yourself. Give yourself time to heal.

Energy is Never Destroyed

Another common mistake I see is people trying to cast love spells which will cause two people to break up. If your target of desire is already in love or in a relationship with someone else, your spell will surely fail. The bond and the energy between those two people is greater than the power of one spell. Breaking that bond doesn’t destroy the energy between them either, that energy has to go somewhere.

Moreover, attempting to diminish the happiness of others is a manipulative and toxic endeavor. As I stated before, you must be proactive in your spell work to achieve success and to cast a spell which will require you to come between two people means getting your hands dirty. For obvious reasons, this can back fire and leave you with the negative energy you unleashed.

You Can’t Change Who Someone Is

Even if you manage to do everything right and your love spell is successful, you must remember that you have not changed who that person is. If the reason you were not together organically is because they were cold or aloof, you will likely find that in a relationship they will still be cold and aloof. We show our true selves to our lovers over time and sometimes we get more than we bargained for. This is the cautionary be careful what you wish for because you may just get it part of the article.

The beautiful girl with the soft hair and stylish clothes that you wanted so badly might be the pillar of chic sophistication, but who’s paying for her shopping and salon habits? We don’t know everything a person hides and you run the risk of inviting unwanted energy into your life when you force what might not be meant to be.

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They Already Love You

Love is a complicated word with complicated feelings. It manifests itself in so many ways and it has always had the capacity to be quite cruel. Sometimes, you’re meant to love someone yet not be with them. Not every love has the fairy tale ending that we dream of. Sometimes that love is meant to be shared as a life long friend who will hold your hand but never kiss you. Love itself isn’t always enough.

Even as divorce papers are signed, love can still exist between those two people but it does not mean that they are right for one another. Finding love is easy. You are probably already surrounded by people who love you for one reason or another. Finding a partner who will fight beside you through all of life’s hardships and celebrate all of life’s joys is difficult.

Take pride in the love that you do have. Be happy for them if they find someone who makes them happy. Real love is selfless and requires sacrifices and compromises. Cherish the love the two of you already share, because it’s a bond no one else can shatter.

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