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Welcome To The New Wayward Vixen Blog

Welcome to the new blog home of The Wayward Vixen! As of this post I am officially launching this website and welcoming the future with open arms. Even though this is technically my first post on this website, you will probably notice that there are indeed older posts. These were a select few posts which I carried over from my previous “entry level” wordpress blog that I thought might be helpful to you still. In this post, however, I would like to take the time to introduce myself and tell you more about what you can expect from this blog and all other content from The Wayward Vixen.

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Who am I?

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Bella Vie (aka Freya) and I live a crazy life. I am the strange creature often seen in a red hoodie shifting about in this mad world we live in. A wayward vixen seeking adventure, beauty, life, and magic where-ever I can find it. I have been a fusion belly dancer for 12 years now and I have had the privilege of performing all over the East coast of the United States. I have been a freelance photographer since 2015 and have been practicing photography since the age of 5 years old. During the day (or often times nights as well) I am a bartender who enjoys mixing up new drinks.

I currently live in a small space of a converted attic that I share with a roommate. While I prefer a minimalist approach to the home and fashion, the others in this house do not. I share this house with a total of 2 other people and 5 fur balls; 4 cats and 1 dog. Of those creatures I make claim to 2 of the cats and the dog. My cats are Reggie (Sir Reginald von Bartlesbee III esq.) and Little Lottie (Little Lottie Satsuma the Destroyer). . .Yes all of the animals have weird names too. My dog is Miss Twyla Starfrost and she is my ESA (emotional support animal) who accompanies me nearly everywhere. I assure you, I will talk about them (and the two other kitties) a lot and there will be plenty of cute animal photos in this blog! If I have one weakness, it’s definitely animals.

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I started my first blog and website Foxx Tea back in 2015 with a focus on photography and interviewing models to tell things from their side of the camera. During that time I became unemployed and was diagnosed with a large tumor which began to hinder my entire life. And so, I took a step back from Foxx Tea and focused on improving my daily life. After my surgery I struggled to return to my normal self and was barraged with a myriad of set backs. I could no longer attend college, dance, walk for long periods of time, exercise as I used to, and my mental health deteriorated.

In 2017 I sought to change my life and escape the rut I was in. I started up The Wayward Vixen as a YouTube channel with the intentions of filming videos about photography, travel, costuming, and general life tips. However, I quickly realized I lacked focus and I did not have the same passion for photography that I once had. I started up a small standard WordPress blog under the same name and decided to focus on my biggest passion: travel. However, it soon became clear to me with my ever changing schedule that I did not have the means to consistently travel. After some time away from my blog I decided to restart The Wayward Vixen as a lifestyle blog where I can have real discussions with genuine people of common interests.

You might have noticed by now that I do mention that I am a witch. I consider myself a secular witch, in that I do not subscribe to any particular religion or religious beliefs and my craft is a practice not a faith. I have been studying witchcraft since the age of 7 when my church (of all places) suggested that I learn about other religions so that I could better decide for myself if Catholicism was right for me. I did not return to church (well, I mean I have for family events or when I shoot wedding photos but you get the idea.)

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I believe that. . .

  • Even the smallest things can bring light into the darkness
  • No adventure is too small
  • Everyone has power within them
  • It is possible to manifest your own reality
  • That to find peace, there must be balance
  • Animals are amazing, especially when they let you boop their noses

With this blog, I hope that we can grow together and work to bring our dreams to life. I hope to help you on your path, where ever you are going, and I hope to share our experiences together.

I know how it feels to be the misfit, and I know how frustrating it is to try and rebuild your life. I also know how difficult it can be when you’re trying to learn but the resources are limited. It is my wish to be that person that I needed during my times of growth, change, and even when I just needed someone to tell me my outfit looked great! I am not perfect and I do not strive for perfection; I am here to be real with you and share real life experiences with you. Life can get ugly, messy, weird, funny, and down right annoying sometimes. It’s not always going to be rainbows and butterflies (especially since butterflies creep me out), but I will always try to be straight with you.


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And so, I invite you to join me on this journey through life taking the path often less chosen. Let us all grow into the best versions of ourselves from the way we dress to the genuine smiles on our faces. I will be releasing a new post every Sunday as well as two post series Tarot Tuesdays and Witchy Wednesdays. You can find the full calendar for my blog series posts under the calendar link in the top menu. Please be sure to check the calendar often for changes to the schedule in the event of delays or for new series additions!

Come, sit a spell and bring your morning brew. There’s magic everywhere, and we can find it together. Happy Litha!


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