• mimosa pudica sensitive plant care wayward vixen

    Touch Me Not: The Sensitive Plant

    Since I began my indoor garden I have developed a much deeper love for all sorts of strange plants I never thought I would like. I have begun a small list of plants I would like to grow and on…

  • lessons from a dead end relationship

    Lessons from a Dead End Relationship

    It wasn’t love at first sight. In fact it would take years after our first meeting to even become friends, let alone anything more. Let’s dive into some real talk about being in a dead end relationship. To do this,…

  • The wayward vixen burned witch halloween costume samhain
    Fashion,  Magic

    The Burned Witch

    Before I begin I would just like to let it be known that all of the photography on this post was done by the awesome Krakowski Photography and my makeup was done by SpecialFX MUA Ron George. What can I…