The Wayward Vixen

Created in 2017 and born from the restless mind of a free-spirited over-thinker, The Wayward Vixen is a blog dedicated to the strange and magical aspects of every day life. Featuring topics ranging from oddities and history, to fashion and witchcraft; The Wayward Vixen strives to provide insight into the world of the modern witch seeking the wonders the world has to offer, no matter how big or small they may be.
I believe that. . .

  • Even the smallest things can bring light into the darkness
  • No adventure is too small
  • Everyone has power within them
  • It is possible to manifest your own reality
  • That there is beauty in everything
  • Everyone can be glamorous
  • Animals are amazing, especially when they let you boop their noses

I know how it feels to be the misfit, and I know how frustrating it is to try and rebuild your life. I also know how difficult it can be when you’re trying to learn but the resources are limited. It is my wish to be that person that I needed during my times of growth, change, and even when I just needed someone to tell me my outfit looked great! I am not perfect and I do not strive for perfection; I am here to be real with you and share real life experiences with you. Life can get ugly, messy, weird, funny, and down right annoying sometimes. It’s not always going to be rainbows and butterflies (especially since butterflies creep me out), but I will always try to be straight with you.

With this blog, I aim to help educate others as well as simply share our stories with each other. Join me in my strange world full of mysteries, curiosities, leather, and lace.

Bella Vie About Me Curly Hair

Bella Vie

I’m rubbish at writing things about myself but here goes. . .

I attended college with the drive to get my doctorate in Biological Anthropology with a minor in Botany or Osteology (I’m indecisive). Unfortunately, due to a medical emergency and a series of really shitty events, I lost my ability to continue my college education and began to rely on my photography skills to get by. In 2015 I created Foxx Tea; a website dedicated to photography and blogging which featured interviews with the models I worked with and exploredΒ their thoughts and feelings on various social topics. I became the Director of Photography at a popular location in downtown Cleveland, Ohio shortly after. Since then, I have worked as a freelance photographer.

Oh, did I mention I am also a secular witch with a deep love of historical fashion, lingerie, and all sorts of oddities and curiosities?

What exactly is a secular witch you ask? It’s simply a witch who does not align themselves with any particular religion. I have been studying witchcraft since the age of 7 when I was encouraged by my church (surprisingly enough) to explore other options and religious practices. Over the years I have joined covens, left covens, and began a solitary practice.

Over the years I have dabbled in collecting oddities, memento mori, and other curiosities. Finally, along with my boyfriend Anthony Eerie, we have taken the plunge into creating our own works of art and education. While currently skeletal articulation is our main focus, we hope to branch out more in the future and continue our journey learning more about these crafts. We have been very lucky to have begun learning not just from trial and error, but also with the help of other artisans who’s kindness and wisdom will be forever cherished.

I share my life with my dear animal companions and my wonderful boyfriend (all of whom you will probably see randomly through out the blog).

  • Twyla Starfrost ~ My ESA and constant companion. She’s half Husky, half white German Shepherd. She’s sassy, too smart for her own good, and absolutely crazy. You can watch a short video of my dog Twyla over on my YouTube page.
  • Sir Reginald von Bartlesbee III Esq. ~ My handsome black cat who’s quite the lovable little asshole. He’s my shadow and he loves to help me with tarot.