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    Being Secular During The Holidays

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    With the holiday season underway and Yule approaching I thought I would touch on a question I tend to get from people during this time; how can you be secular and still celebrate the holidays? Most holidays revolve around deities or religious events, so how can someone who doesn’t believe in any real gods or goddesses celebrate these events? All holidays seem to have become mindless times of passive celebration in which you are forced to spend time with your family (or alone) because everything is closed. But for us secular (non-religious) folk, why even celebrate at all if we…

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    7 Fashion Trends We Should Leave Behind

    People have been asking me for awhile to do more fashion related posts, I’m a little sad that my first fashion entry here is going to be a bit negative but looking at the growing trends lately just makes me…

  • ultimate list new witch tips spell casting magick candles

    Ultimate List of New Witch Tips

    When you’re just starting out in witchcraft you will notice there’s a lot of information out there focused on specific topics. Learning terminology, etiquette, and gaining a general direction onto the right path can easily become overwhelming. Whether you’re new…

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    Lifestyle,  Photography

    What Camera Should You Buy

    I have been getting this question a lot lately; with people going back to school and the holidays coming up this is a prime time to start purchasing equipment. It can seem rather daunting at first deciding which camera will…

  • squire's castle travel Cleveland ohio
    Travel & Discovery

    Places To Skip In Cleveland, Ohio

    Everywhere in the world has its own little claim to fame, or something that makes it unique. Sadly, many of those things become tourist traps or become the victim of destruction due to the high traffic of visitors it receives.…

  • witch aesthetic dark witch

    Witchcraft Is More Than Aesthetic

    There’s a lot that can be said for aesthetics. This term has been making quite a come back in casual vocabulary lately with the help of websites like Pintrest and Tumblr. Also, thanks to modern media the aesthetic for witches…

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    How To Care For Venus Flytraps

    Summer is in full swing and that means that everyone’s in the garden stores buying up all the lovely plants that are now in stock. I have come to notice over the years that around July and August people purchase…

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    Why Love Spells Don’t Work

    Love is the world’s greatest epic. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that many new witches tend to make love spells one of their first acts of magick. Even those who do not practice magick are very likely…

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    How To Care For Houseplants

    Having an indoor garden and houseplants have many scientific benefits like helping to purify the air in your home and aiding in the reduction of stress. But I hear people say it all the time; “I just can’t seem to…